What is Interior Planner
Interior Planner for Aircraft Design (formerly known as A/C-FP Render)is a set of drawings that, together with CorelDraw! will asist you to quickly create high quality floorplans of the interior of aircraft for presentation and publishing.

All the included drawings are resolution independent vector format, which means that you can create a drawing which will retain its high quality ehen printed at any size. The drawings have been developed using the manufacturer's drawings to ensure accuracy.

Sample Floorplan 2

Included you will find many floorplans, seats and furnishings which may be easily scaled and edited, to create the perfect design for your aircraft interior layout.

Purchase of Interior Planner for Aircraft necessitates purchase of certain computer software and hardware to operate (See System Requirements). You will need to become very familiar with either CorelDraw! or the drawing software you will be using in order to most effectively use Interior Planner for Aircraft.

Sample Floorplan 2

The User may print black and white proofs or renderings on any Windows compatible laser printer, and color proofs on any Windows compatible color printer. Final renderings require transmission to a service bureau for printing on a Hi-Resolution printer.

System Requirements
To run Interior Planner you must have at least:

  • PC - Pentium I CPU - 16 Meg RAM
  • 100 Megabyte Hard Disk Drive
  • CD-ROM drive
  • VGA Graphics Adapter
  • Drawing Software compatible with CDR formats such as CorelDraw v 7.0 (or higher) or Adobe Illustrator v 10 recommended.

Interior Planner for Aircraft Design v1.0

  • $695.00 + shipping
  • Aircraft floorplans
  • Textures and Clothing materials
  • Cabin Components
  • Coach and Executive Seats
  • All illustrations are in vector format

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