What is Hangar Planner
The current Hangar and Ramp Planner software evolves a new version 2.1.8. Hangar and Ramp Planner is developed for anyone who needs to explore various ways to use available hangar space, determine what space is required for a future hangar or assist in setting up a crowded parking ramp. In other words, if your ground space is valuable and active, Hangar and Ramp Planner will help in stacking that ground space to get the most return on the dollar. While the software can assist you in determining needs for future hangars and ramps, it is not designed to replace the architect in designing your facility. Additionally, Hangar and Ramp Planner will not alert you to the fact that the only way you can add one more aircraft to the hangar is to lower it from above. It will also not tell you that you should not overlap wings on aircraft with roughly the same height of wings, say a Lear 55 and a Premier One. In other words, it will let you place aircraft in any position in the hangar, but relies on the you to know that you can’t make an aircraft turn that sharp a corner when parking it.

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Hangar and Ramp Space Planner is designed to work with the SmartDraw application, as it is an easy to learn and use program that allows the user who doesn’t have the need to use one of the costly highend user programs. SmartDraw provides an easy way to manipulate the aircraft drawings used in Hangar and Ramp Space Planner, and it also has some very fine features and templates which you might find handy in other facets of your aviation related business. Over a 1,000 custmers have purchased Hangar Planner. Join us.

Supported Aircraft2016 list
The library of aircraft includes more than 2,000 scaled aircraft top drawings, and in most cases also a front view is provided. The illustrations range from single engine through heavy transports. The drawing program allows you to work in any scale. SmartDraw has a very easy interface that will allow rescaling with a minimum or effort.

If you find that an aircraft you need is not in the collection, give us a call (or send an email to gene@onemileup.com)and let use know. If you can supply a three view of the aircraft, (top, side and front) send it and we'll provide you with the SmartDraw files free to all current maintenance buyers. View list of suported aircraft.

Hangar Planner v2.1.8

  • $995.00 + shipping (delivered in CD-2nd day). The price includes 2 years of new drawings, normally $295 per year.
  • SmartDraw Drawing Software
  • 2100+ Aircraft Illustrations in SmartDraw format
  • Illustrations provided also in vector format (WMF) for AutoCad users.
  • Top, side and front views
  • GSE, Military Aircraft, and Helicopters - click below to order

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Hangar Planner v2.1.8 30 Day Use

  • $475.00 for downloading a fully functional 30 day version ready for immediate use after purchase. This version is meant for those who are doing a quick analysis and do not need longterm usage. For example if you are building a new hangar or ramp and need to know what will work; this will be a fine tool.
  • The download is divided in three sections:
    - SmartDraw (30 day version)
    - Aircraft libraries
    - Documentation
  • These are BIG files 200+ MB, it is not recomended to purchase the downloadable version if you are using a slow connection. - click below to order
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Hangar Planner Update 2.1.8

  • $395.00 , a Hangar and Ramp Planner 2016 Update for existing customers
  • Hundreds of newer aircraft in scale format:
    - Large Jets: Global 8000, G500, G600, A350, B787
    - Medium Jets: Challenger 350, Latitude, Falcon 5X
    - Small Jets and Helio: Pilatus 24, Mustang 2, Agusta 139
  • Receice every previous update, no matter how old your version.
  • Usable in SmartDraw 6 and SmartDraw CI - click below to order
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