What is Exterior Planner
Exterior Planner for Aircraft is an accessory package for creating two-dimensional side, top and front view renderings of aircraft exteriors.It includes more than 1,000 pre-rendered exteriors of nearly every major civil aviation, general aviation, corporate aviation, commuter and airline transport aircraft in use today. All drawing are resolution independent "Vector" based drawings, allowing printing to any size without degradation of printout quality. The drawings are developed from manufacturers drawings to ensure accuracy, and include such details as latches, doors, major access panels etc.

Also included are predefined Palettes for Pratt & Lambert Jet-Glo and Acry-Glo Paints, US Paint Alumigrip and Dupont Imron, for the IRIS color printer system, which allow accurate printing of colors for final renderings. The system runs in conjunction with most standard Microsoft Windows based drawing programs, but is primarily designed for use with Corel Systems CorelDraw! product. Purchase of Exterior Planner for Aircraft necessitates purchase of certain computer software and hardware to operate (See System Requirements). You will need to become very familiar with either CorelDraw! or the drawing software you will be using in order to most effectively use Exterior Planner for Aircraft .

Lockheed Premier 1

The User may print black and white proofs or renderings on any Windows compatible laser printer, and color proofs on any Windows compatible color printer. Final renderings require transmission to a service bureau for printing on a Hi-Resolution IRIS printer.

All Exterior Planner for Aircraft views are constructed in the same fashion. The basic drawings are placed on a 8 1/2" x 11" landscape page. Each aircraft's major components have been grouped into major groupings. The front views are grouped into Wing and Windows groups, and the side and top views are generally grouped into wing, windows, tail, horizontal stabilizer and in some cases, engine.

Supported Aircraft
The library of aircraft includes more than 1,000 scaled aircraft in top, side and front views. The illustrations range from single engine through heavy transports. If you find that an aircraft you need is not in the collection, give us a call and let us know. If you can supply a three view of the aircraft, (top, side and front) send it and we'll provide you with the .CDR files free of charge! View list of suported aircraft.

System Requirements
To run Exterior Planner you must have at least:

  • PC - Pentium I CPU - 16 Meg RAM
  • 100 Megabyte Hard Disk Drive
  • CD-ROM Drive
  • VGA Graphics Adapter
  • Drawing Software compatible with CDR formats such as CorelDraw v 7.0 (or higher) or Adobe Illustrator v 10 recommended.

Exterior Planner for Aircraft Design v2.5

  • $495.00 + shipping
  • 3500+ Aircraft Illustrations
  • All illustrations are in vector format
  • Top, side and front views
  • Covers: General, Coorporate and Business Aviation

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Exterior Planner - Experimental

  • $195.00 + shipping
  • 1000+ Aircraft Illustrations
  • All illustrations are in vector format
  • Top, side and front views
  • Covers ONLY General Aviation
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