Seals in Digital Video
Animated digital videos of all the Government Departamental Seals, that provide excelent footage for on-screen presentations, or broadcast quality productions. Every mayor Department is covered, and at least two different anmations are provided for each, in three different sizes. All Seals are acurate since the source is the renowned clip art collection Book of Seals.
Due to the nature of the videos, they are only available to the US Government, through a Government Purchase Order.
More Information in Acrobat PDF format (418Kb)

Seals In Digital Video $495.00
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3D Military
The mayor US and foreign fighter aircraft, modeled in 3D, with all the detail you can expect, yet still small enough for ease of use. Provided in VRML, 3DMF, Amapi, 3SP, and 3DS formats. No doubt these are the finest 3D fighter aircraft models ever made.
More Information in Acrobat PDF format (193Kb)

3D Military $995.00
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Military Photos
Military Photos Image Browser
If a picture is worth a 1000 words-these are photos to make them more pointed. Low and high resolution TIF formatted photos that are cropped for optimum on-screen and printed presentations. Focused toward current equipment and people in the office, add these photos to your Powerpoint presentations with confidence.
In Powerpoint use the transparency tool for dazzyling effects, see the transparency tutorial.
More Information in Acrobat PDF format (932Kb)

Military Photos $295.00
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Military GIFs
All military collections of clip art in GIF format ready for web publishing, along with more than 800 custom made images like buttons, sidebars, etc... and more than 400 animations of military insignia. A great tool for web production.

Military GIFs $295.00
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